The Setting Son

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Things aren’t always as they seem. The grand deception has surfaced its ugly head and planted itself directly into the lives of the Frye family. The Fryes’, being a God-fearing, loving and proud family are an exact representation of the very vein of what Oklahoma is and will undoubtedly, always be. God. Family. Sports. Rodeo. All interchangeable by the turn of the screw.

The very moment that you enter their world, you will know. You will know them by name. You will know them by their strength and resiliency and by the mystery that surrounds them. You will know them all as you embark on the journey in Tishomingo, Oklahoma which is the hometown of Edward “Boots” Frye. He is the bull riding patriarch with impeccable character and his wife Marlene is a woman who exemplifies both traditional femininity as well as an uncommon fortitude.

As they present to the world their son, Milton Edward Frye nicknamed “Stick-Tight” and his son, Mookie Frye, you come to realize these men are like phenoms. Straddling bulls and holding for more than eight seconds, Mookie can also rock and fire a baseball like a speeding bullet with such accuracy that he sends batters back to the dug-out one by one. He also believes in Bigfoot!

However, recent days on the Frye farm have been uneventful. But, this one day is different. Mookie’ mother, Hannah Frye thinks she hid it with her CoverGirl concealer. She has been up until the wee hours of the morning, hoping against hope that each application of the concealer covered it more and more. What has happened to Hannah Frye? Did Mookie see it even though she prays that he didn’t?

Join author Martha Jordan Craig in this riveting tale as the mystery unravels bit by bit. The surprise ending to this suspenseful novel is one that the reader will not be able to put down.