Let The Rivers Clap Their Hands

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By virtue of a broken treaty in 1838, 15,000 members of the Cherokee Tribe
were sold down the river by President Andrew Jackson and were forced to walk from
their ancestral homes in the southeastern United States to designated Indian Territory
of present day Oklahoma. An estimated 4,000 Cherokee Indians perished along the way
and their dead bodies lined the pathway of what is now known as the Cherokee Trail of

During that same year, Englishmen were being forced from their country by
the dismal economy, as Queen Victoria turned a blind eye to the plight of her dog-tired
and penniless subjects. Long hours of backbreaking labor in the dreary workhouses
caused those looking for a better life to set sail for America. There, they would be free to
pursue success, and for one family, that meant moving westward to Oklahoma.
Let The Rivers Clap Their Hands is a masterfully woven saga of the emerging
tale of two families from two very different backgrounds, each finding themselves freshly
transplanted in the midst of Indian Territory in Oklahoma. From the hardships of their
pasts, to the wake of the Great Depression, to the dawn of World War II, these families’
trials tell the tale of love, heartache, and hope.

As a winding river has twists and turns, readers will discover the same with this
riveting tale. Let The Rivers Clap Their Hands is a book readers will not want to put