Milestones: Moving Out of Addiction Into Your God Given Future

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John 10:10 says that Satan is out to rob, to kill and to destroy us. Addictions - drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual hang-ups, or self-absorption are some of the biggest ways the enemy does this today. Cynthia says, _ÑÒUnfortunately, Christians are not excluded from the enemy_Ñés plot, but have become his biggest target! Yes, addictions do come to church and it is becoming an ever-increasing problem among God_Ñés people._ѝ

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It is a life or death situation and we are playing Russian Roulette when trapped in addictions. Eventually, the wrong trigger will be pulled and goodbye to all the hopes and dreams of God_Ñés vision. This is the ultimate goal of the enemy of course, to silence any witness for Christ. And without God_Ñés divine intervention, it_Ñés just a matter of time before that silencing begins.

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Milestones is an excellent tool for individual reflection or group study. It is based on the Word of God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. It is not a one-time cure or quick fix, but a new way of living - a new life in Christ. The desired result in recovery is to live a life full of purpose and meaning without the fear of relapse ever again! This is possible but only through Christ. God wants us to press on to our future and not stay stuck in the past. His will as Jesus said in John 10:10: I came that they may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance. (Amp)