Taking Your Life Back: Overcome Any Obstacle From the Enemy

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It is no secret we are living in stressful times. Fear is at epidemic proportions. Depression is rampant. This is not the life God designed for you. You were born to overcome any obstacle and designed to succeed at whatever you set your heart to do. But in every life, there is a very real enemy of your soul whose only intention is to steal, kill and destroy everything good that you have been blessed with. Your potential is a threat and the only way to stop you is to distract you with difficulties in multiple areas, wear you down and pressure you to give up.

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If you feel overwhelmed, have difficulty sleeping, fight depression, have addictions or are a workaholic on the edge of burnout, this book is definitely for you.

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Through his own personal crisis in these areas, Pastor Rick Shelton describes what he and his family endured...sharing how it all began, the long years of struggle, countless battles, hopeless prognosis, to the day it all changed and victory was won. Diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion, Pastor Rick went through _ÑÒhell on earth_ѝ when every area of his life - physically and relationally - was challenged to the breaking point. At his darkest moment, Jesus stepped in and changed it all!

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In openly telling his story, Rick wants you to know there IS hope! The Lord can step in for you and you can also begin Taking Your Life Back.