Paradise of God: Discover the Biblical Truth About Heaven and Unlock the Mystery of Life After Death

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Most people have a skewed vision of what heaven is or what heaven was or will be like. They tend to picture angels floating around, some having harps and some having bows and arrows but none of them actually having a life. To many people, heaven sounds like a boring place and there is little desire to go there although it_Ñés much better than the alternative.

Earth seems to be exciting with new discoveries and adventures every day. The church has portrayed heaven over the years through novels and movies and paintings as a dull place. However, the kingdom of God, the afterlife and the place where God lives, is much more exciting and glorious than anything the earth could ever produce. The colors there are beyond the natural spectrum and there are inexpressible sounds. The discoveries that can be lived in the kingdom of heaven will make the earthly lifestyle bland by comparison.

In this book, you will learn the biblical truth of what heaven is really like and you will be taken step by step through what a believer will experience from the time their spirit leaves their body at a physical death to when they receive their new glorified body through the millennium and into the place that Jesus has prepared for every believer in the new heavenly Jerusalem.

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