Life Connected: A devotional journal for Getting Real with a Very Real God

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It's Time to Get Real, and Begin to Live Life: Connected;

Did you know that God is a very real God? Not only did He create you, but He is concerned with the intimate details of your life _ÑÐ the good and the not-so-good. You can live your life connected to God all the time!;

Suzanne Rentz and other contributing authors, bring God_Ñés truth and real answers to major issues that girls and young women just like you, face every day. Whether it be pregnancy, abortion, same-sex attraction or an abusive relationship, Suzanne covers it all.;

Packed with real-life testimonies from others who have been in your shoes, this devotional will bring God _ÑÒup close and personal_ѝ in a very real and authentic way. Whether you have made mistakes in the past, or are currently in a mess, your situation is not too difficult for God.;

Through this devotional-journal, you can experience life-changing breakthroughs while experiencing God_Ñés love, truth and presence in a fresh, deep and more powerful way. When you deepen your relationship with the Almighty God, your life becomes... a life: connected.