Young Eagles Armor Academy Fear of Flying: Fear of Flying Book 1

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Harrison House is proud to release the first four episodes of the new children_Ñés chapter book series, Young Eagles Armor Academy. The story takes place at a training camp for young eagles as they learn how to soar and someday "earn their wings." These illustrated stories are both entertaining and educational. Each book in the series is based on 1 of the 9 core virtues that an eagle must have to be a true master of the skies. Plus, the story elements are based upon the actual traits that science tells us about this unique bird.


Young readers will identify with the colorful main characters, cousins Harpie and Flap, who are proud to follow in their parents' footsteps at the academy. Then there is Will, the bird with a king-size attitude. They are joined by the zany and inventive Beakster, who is always getting into the most hilarious predicaments. The training takes place in an area known as Halo Cliffs where the cadets learn from the majestic leaders: Commander Goldie and Commander Baldie. These exciting books come from authors Hugo and Michelle Montes, known nationwide for their incredible children's music, stories and ministry.


Fear of Flying takes place on opening day of the academy training. Flap is excited to begin, but has a secret that no one knows - He is afraid of flying. How will Flap tell everyone? What if they laugh at him? How can he ever hope to soar with the big eagles if he's afraid to leave the ground? His fear is finally overcome by his love for a friend, showing that true love casts out fear. ;

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