Confessions of a Non-Barbie: A Real Girl's Guide to Finding Beauty and Pursuing Happily Ever-After

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Take it from a gal who's been there: dating can be difficult! Kinda Wilson, in a stunning debut, leads teen and twenties girls by the hand as they navigate through tough waters. Tackling such issues as self-esteem and appearance, looking for a date, dating, breaking up, and moving on, Kinda combines humor and compassion as she helps rebuild your confidence. With a Christian perspective on dating, you will realize your precious and unique worth as God's girl - regardless of your "success" (or lack of) in the dating world. Chapter titles include:

  • God says I'm beautiful, but today I'm not feelin' it!
  • I'm tired of dating Jesus_„_and I think the feeling is mutual
  • I think I saw a sparkler_„_let's make out
  • God, smite my enemies!
  • I've been slam-dumped!
  • Guys are like gangrene

Learn how to overcome issues you face every day with humor and grace!