Facing the Mirror: Finding a Self to Live With

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In this book, author Daphne Delay teaches the simple, yet in-depth richness of our righteousness in Christ. She also shares the valuable lesson that she learned in front of her own mirror and how she was able to teach it to her son a few years before a tragic car accident. You will learn to see yourself as God sees you and discover the truth about God. You will learn the truth about the lies and deceptions that have held you back, and be taught how to live in the freedom that God intended you to have!

The major hindrance to believing, receiving, and ultimately living, however, in the freedoms of righteousness is self _„î that quick-to-judge reflection in our mirrors (the one who knows all our shortcomings, mistakes, regrets, and insecurities) _„î the one who stifles most of our aspirations of being worthy of God_„Žs love (or anyone else_„Žs), simply because we don_„Žt love our own reflection.

In this revealing message, you will:

  • See yourself as God sees you.
  • Learn how to drop the dead weight of guilt, condemnation, and regret.
  • Discover the truth about God.
  • Learn what righteousness is and the benefits that belong to every believer.
  • Find out who you are despite what you_„Žve been through.
  • Learn the truth about the lies and deceptions that have held you back.
  • Be taught how to live in the freedom God intended you to have.