Rich for Good: The How and Why of Wealth God's Way

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By the time author Jamie Jones was in her 30s, she had gone from having to pray for toothpaste to becoming a millionaire. Rich for Good is not only the äóìhowäó� and the äóìwhyäó� she did it, but how the why makes all the difference.

Rich for Good offers a fresh perspective on doing finances Godäó»s way. Each chapter focuses on one of 10 tried and true practices derived from a combination of scriptures, thought provoking questions, and real-life situations. These principles shed light on acquiring wealth the right way for the right reasons.

In the world of how-to-get-rich books, Jamieäó»s raw and honest approach sets Rich for Good apart as a humorous and insightful read. Her practical and spiritual guidance helps readers acquire the financial freedom that happens when prosperity partners with purpose.