Facing God: Unlocking the Truth of His Love and Mercy Through the Life of Job

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If righteousness is right-standing with God, then self-righteousness must be it_„Žs greatest enemy.‘_

In the story of Job, we find an interesting illustration of how self-righteousness evolves and opens the door to the enemy in our lives. ‘_Job had strong convictions and he wasn_„Žt afraid to stand by them, yet his friend eventually asked,‘__„ñDo you think this is right? Do you say,‘__„ƒMy‘_righteousness is more than God_„Žs?_„Ž_„�

And in a surprise visit, the Lord appears and asks His own questions:‘__„ñWhy do you confuse the issue? Why do you talk without knowing what you_„Žre talking about?_„� The Bible is clear. God is addressing Job here, no one else. But wait_„îisn_„Žt Job the same man God calls _„ñblameless_„�? What happened? Is it possible what God meant and what man has interpreted for centuries are two different things?

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