Running After God: The Ultimate Pursuit

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In today_Ñés culture, people are pursuing many things. It has become popular to _ÑÒpursue your passion,_ѝ _ÑÒpursue success,_ѝ _ÑÒpursue wealth,_ѝ and _ÑÒpursue what makes you happy._ѝ While all of this is wonderful, none of these things promote ultimate fulfillment nor do they have a positive eternal impact. The only pursuit that ends in ultimate fulfillment is the pursuit of God and His plan for our lives. The unique thing about pursuing God is what happens when you find Him. An amazing discovery is that He is the one who has been pursuing you! This is a love affair that will never end.

In this six week Bible study, Dr. Josie Carr leads you into pursuing God and what His desire is in your life. Spending time in prayer and praise and worship are key components to intimacy with Him. Running after God simply means getting to know Him in an intimate way. It means total surrender to Him and getting up when you fall down. Are you ready? Be sure your shoe laces are tied because you are in for an exhilarating experience! It is more than a six week event; it is a lifelong marathon!