Fault Lines: Prequel

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Go back to the beginning of the story with his prequel novel and understand how the story began, and how the characters got to where they were in Trial Run and Flash Point.

Charlie Hazard is former security guard at Satellite Beach community center, chosen by Gabriella and her group of scientists to give safety for themselves and the secret work they are hiding from the powerful enemy known as The Combine. The Combine is a secretive group made up of representatives from many major corporations. Reese Clawson works for The Combine and her job is to cut out anyone who gets in the way of corporate culture. The Combine opposes Gabriella's group of scientists because they are afraid her process will appeal to people and therefore inhibit their ability to maximize global profit and power.

Fault Lines is about seeing the future, watching the future come into the present, and then experiencing the present become the past.